Exploring Careers in STEM

Todays special guest in the career explorations workshop is Mrs. Sloka Iyengar. A786E166-9BF8-4BD6-BDA2-8121FA7DF465.jpeg She graduated with an undergraduate pharmacy degree in India. Afterwards she worked at an animal shelter where she assisted in treating stray dogs and other animals. She asked students what they thought some of the issues in that job might have been and they discussed how capturing and releasing the animals may have been a problem. She explained that they needed to come up with a humane way to capture the animals and a strategic way to release them. From her work in the animal shelter, Iyengar realized she was interested in animal behavior which inspired her to apply for a graduate program studying neuroscience in New York. She focused her studies in epilepsy and is now an associate medical director working with pharmaceutical companies to come up with educational materials. Students were interested in her stories and asked a lot of questions about the specifics of how she got to where she is.

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